Local Impact of EU Legislation: Recycling

The EU has set the UK a target recycling rate of 45% by 2015 and 50% by 2020. This has driven much of the increase in recycling by local councils that we have seen in recent years, with door-step collections of materials including paper, glass bottles and jars, tin cans and plastics.

RecyclingIn addition, the EU’s WEEE Directive means electrical and electronic goods are properly recycled, plus it prevents hazardous waste of this kind being illegally shipped off to developing countries to be dumped.

Most recently, Linda worked for the introduction of new EU laws to prevent harmful chemicals from old batteries from seeping into our soil and water. Now old batteries can be recycled by depositing them in all shops that sell them.

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Linda and Fairtrade
Linda and Fairtrade As the founder and chair of the European Parliament's working group on Fairtrade, Linda is proud to represent Yorkshire, the UK's first Fairtrade region, boasting 40 cities, towns and villages with Fairtrade campaigns. More about Linda and Fairtrade >