South Yorkshire would get huge injection of EU cash if UK remained in EU

South Yorkshire would get huge injection of EU cash if UK remained in EU

07 February 2019

South Yorkshire would be entitled to significant European regional funding if the UK remained in the EU. This is a key conclusion of a recently published paper by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) organisation. According to the CPMR analysis, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire would stand to receive EU support in excess of €500 per capita per year between 2021-2027 – which for South Yorkshire would mean at least €687.5m across that seven year period.

Last month, CPMR published their analysis which highlights that the UK would be eligible to €13bn regional funding in that seven year period if it remained in the EU. South Yorkshire - along with Lincolnshire and Tees Valley & Durham - would be a region within the UK entitled to highest amount of EU regional funding support. The sad fact is that in recent years parts of our region have once again become classified as a ‘deprived region’ because our prosperity has once again dipped well below the EU average, just like back in the 1990s when South Yorkshire got Objective 1 status - and it’s no coincidence that this was after another period of Tory government.

After nearly a decade of Tory austerity which has taken much needed money out of our local councils and public services, this EU funding would represent a massive amount of support for our region. As we know previously in South Yorkshire when we’ve received EU funding in the past, this money can really help transform the area – from supporting our coalfield and steel communities, new business parks, community projects, training and so much more.

It should also stand as a reminder to those MPs considering taking money for their constituencies from Theresa May in return for backing her Brexit deal: if we were staying in the EU, our regions would be eligible for a lot more EU funding and financial support in our area.

You can read the analysis and research from CPMR online here.


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