European Policy Forum 2018 – our films celebrating EU achievements

European Policy Forum 2018 – our films celebrating EU achievements

08 January 2019

Myself and Richard Corbett MEP held our annual Yorkshire and the Humber European Policy Forum in Sheffield in November for Labour Party members across the region. For those who attended, you may remember that we presented a couple of short films celebrating all the achievements made during our 40 years of membership in the EU. One was a short presentation showcasing the different rights, protections and political moments over the last 4 decades in the EU. The second film was a series of interviews with current and former Labour MEPs who have represented Yorkshire and the Humber over this time – they gave their thoughts and reflections on the work of MEPs in the EU and the moments they were most proud of.

Both films are now online and you can watch them below here. They serve as an important reminder for all the rights, protections and achievements gained over the last 40 years in the EU and they celebrate the hard work of the Labour MEPs who’ve represented our region in this time.

40 Years of Achievements

Interview with MEPs

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