Fairtrade Yorkshire 2018 AGM in Leeds

Fairtrade Yorkshire 2018 AGM in Leeds

10 October 2018

Last month I attended the Fairtrade Yorkshire 2018 AGM in Leeds in a packed room with representatives from the 38 Fairtrade towns and cities in our region. As you may know, I founded and chair the EU’s Fairtrade Working Group in the European Parliament so it’s always great to attend meetings like this one. I’m incredibly proud that Yorkshire was the first U.K. Fairtrade region and it was encouraging to meet so many committed people working for global justice here in our region.

We heard about some great campaigns in schools, in Fairtrade fortnight, on the Tour de Yorkshire and also from two rice farmers on a visit from Karonga in Northern Malawi, Webster Kita and Howard Msukwa, who told us about the difference Fairtrade had made to their livelihoods. The guaranteed Fairtrade price is key because it means farmers can plan and, for example, it helps fund their children’s education. I spoke about what the EU is doing to support the Fairtrade movement and of the potential problems of Brexit.

You can find out more about the Fairtrade Yorkshire group on their website here

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