Press Release: Yorkshire MEP backs Holiday Swimming Pools safety campaign

Press Release: Yorkshire MEP backs Holiday Swimming Pools safety campaign

26 July 2018

“With the holiday season upon us, I’m supporting this campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of swimming pools for families and tourists on holiday” said Linda McAvan MEP, speaking about the recently launched safety campaign by the Safer Tourism Foundation (STF).

The STF are warning about the hidden dangers of holiday pools in their Holiday Swimming Pools safety campaign. This has come about after research demonstrated the risks associated with holiday pools – STF research has revealed some 25 British people drown in pools each year, with 500 serious pool related incidents occurring each year as well.  

The vast majority of these 500 incidents – either a serious accident or near drowning at a pool – involve children. In their first public campaign, the STF are advising holiday goers to follow their RELAX guidance for swimming pools:

RECCE the pool environment when you first arrive at your accommodation
EYES on the kids - keep a look out always
LIFESAVING techniques - Make sure you or someone you are with knows how to save lives
ARMBANDS – If they are needed, make sure they stay on at all times
EXPLAIN to children how to use the pool safely

Linda McAvan added: “The RELAX steps should promote greater safety around holiday pools for families and tourists – and it could go some way to help stop preventable deaths and accidents occurring each year. I’d urge as many people as possible to read this safety advice and take the steps on board ready for your holidays.”

Whilst the campaign is aimed at the public to promote awareness around supervision, lifesaving skills and familiarising yourself with the pool and water, steps are also being urged from holiday and travel companies as well.

The STF are asking companies to promote clearer customer communication with better pool signage and emergency advice. Accommodation providers with a swimming pool are also urged to ensure lifeguards are properly trained and fully prepared for an emergency situation at a pool.

“This campaign isn’t just important for consumers – holiday providers and companies have a responsibility to act on these steps and ensure the best possible safety measures are in place around holiday pools for families and tourists alike” Linda McAvan has also said.

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