Ready to Beat Malaria

Ready to Beat Malaria

25 April 2018

The global effort to tackle malaria has made headway. Death rates and new infection cases have dropped significantly. This is partially due to medicines that are more effective, the use of insecticide treated bed nets and a coordinated global effort among donors. The EU has been an active partner in the fight to eradicate malaria. Since 2001, the EU has provided over €2billion to the Global Fund to fight AIDs, TB and Malaria with several individual EU member states also contributing.  Additionally, under the EU´s Framework 7 and Horizon 2020  86-malaria research projects have received €160m in funding. The progress made so far in tackling malaria shows that the disease is both treatable and preventable. The theme of this year´s World Malaria Day is `Ready to Beat Malaria` - to do so we need to continue our collective effort and ensure funding streams are continued. We also need to double our efforts through research and innovative technologies to find inexpensive and effective solutions. 15 countries carry 80% of the global malaria burden. We must work in partnership with these countries to improve their own health systems so they too can be ready to beat malaria.


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