Press Release: Dynamo joins Yorkshire MEP to help Syrian kids

Press Release: Dynamo joins Yorkshire MEP to help Syrian kids

25 April 2018

As part of the #YouPromised campaign Magician Dynamo and Yorkshire MEP Linda McAvan are calling on world leaders attending the Syrian pledging conference later today to deliver on their 2016 promise to give one million Syrian children living in neighbouring countries to Syria access to education. Two years on, 680,000 Syrians are still out of school.

Dynamo, who recently visited Syrian children living in refugee camps in Lebanon in partnership with UK charity TheirWorld, was in Brussels yesterday to get support for #YouPromised and has said: “Education is the closest thing to magic you can give a child. We don't know when the conflict is going to end but these children are not getting any younger. It will be the youth of today that will be the future of Syria. Every child deserves an education.

Despite pledges made in London two years ago at the Syrian pledging conference only 52% of funds needed for education humanitarian response was received. To date, 2.08 million school-age Syrian children (36%) remain out of school inside Syria and 689,000 school-age Syrian children (35%) remain out of school in the five host countries. Many of these children are the most vulnerable, including those with disabilities.

Linda McAvan MEP said: “I am backing the #YouPromised campaign. The more public pressure we can help bring, the more chance of seeing every child getting the education they deserve. The countries hosting Syrian refugees are doing what they can and in some cases, running double shifts at schools to ensure refugee children have access to basic education. 

Urgent action is needed. We are at risk seeing an entire generation of Syrian children left behind, unable to prepare for their future. European and world leaders must now deliver their promise to help educate these kids.”

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