EU poised to back new rules to support equal pay for posted workers

EU poised to back new rules to support equal pay for posted workers

13 April 2018

One of the common complaints about freedom of movement in the EU has been the practice of unscrupulous employers who bring in workers from another EU country and undercut local wages. This week, national governments in the EU have supported calls from MEPs for new rules that would help stop this practice and ensure equal pay for posted workers across the EU – these are workers that are temporarily based in another country. These proposed changes would introduce equal pay for equal work in the same place for those workers posted in other EU countries. It will mean posted workers will receive the same pay as local workers and there is a responsibility on temporary work agencies giving these workers the same terms and conditions as local workers too.

The Socialists & Democrats (S&D) Group in the European Parliament – to which Labour MEPs sit – have long campaigned on this issue to stop the undermining of workers’ pay and conditions throughout Europe. The new rules will now need to be approved in a vote by the European Parliament but this support from different governments across the EU represents an important move to defend local pay and conditions. You can read more from the S&D Group about these proposed changes for posted workers here.

You can read more from Labour MEPs here as we have called on the UK government to implement these new rules as soon as they come into force and not to diverge from them after Brexit too. 

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