We need permanent exemption from Trump’s steel tariffs

We need permanent exemption from Trump’s steel tariffs

28 March 2018

You may have seen the news last week that the US announced the EU (including the UK and 6 other countries) will be exempt from Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium – but this is just a temporary exemption for now. Apparently the protectionist US President has decided to ‘pause’ these tariffs while further discussions take place.

At a time when our steel industry in Yorkshire and the Humber is recovering from recent crisis, the last thing we need is US tariffs on our high-quality steel products. Only earlier this year, the Liberty Steel plant in Rotherham reignited its’ previously mothballed furnace as part of their investment at the site as well as creating new jobs here and at Stocksbridge too. Trump’s tariffs on steel could seriously hurt our recovering steel industry when so much is being done to develop our production and output in this industry in the region.  

Labour MEPs have worked to defend and protect our steel industry - including pushing for tougher new EU laws last year to prevent cheap steel imports from flooding the market, undermining our steel industry and risking thousands of jobs. Read more about that here.

Our steel industry in Yorkshire and the Humber, and across the UK, needs the certainty and security of permanent exemption from any US tariffs on our steel. The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament – to which Labour MEPs are member of – called for this permanent exemption last week here

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