Welfare of Farmed Rabbits

Welfare of Farmed Rabbits

13 March 2017

Thanks to the many people who have contacted me this week about the welfare of farmed rabbits. I share your concerns and will support higher standards on Tuesday when MEPs vote in Strasbourg. Just a warning on the vote though. This isn't a legally binding resolution, instead, we are asking for a new EU law to be put on the table. So if we win, it will be a start, but there is some way to go before bad practices are finally banned. 

Today farm rabbits are typically caged and provided with an area of less than the size of two ordinary A4 sheets of paper per rabbit, with no opportunities to exercise and express their natural behaviour, not to mention a high rate of disease and mortality due to infectious diseases linked to the cage system. 

So this is a step in the right direction, but still with some way to go.

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