Linda overseas ‘grilling’ of new European Commissioners

01 October 2014

As the chair of the European Parliament’s International Development Committee, Linda has overseen two of the lengthy Commissioner hearings, which have taken place in Brussels this week.

Linda’s Committee has had the responsibility of effectively ‘interviewing’ the Commissioner designates for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management,and for International Cooperation and Development. 

Linda said;

“The candidates for these two positions will play key roles in addressing some of greatest challenges facing the world today. How the EU responds to problems such as Isis, Ebola and the Middle East will very much depend on the ability of these Commissioners to react, so it’s essential that we get these appointments right.”

The Commissioner-Designate for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides impressed MEPs when he pledged that his first trip as a Commissioner would be to the West African countries most affected by Ebola, to see conditions on the front line for himself.   

He went on to describe Ebola as a typhoon in slow motion and urged the EU to act with urgency.
The Commissioner Designate for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica also identified Ebola as an immediate priority, stating that we have to isolate the virus and not the affected countries.

He also explained to MEPs how he would work with his counterparts in the Commission to ensure that the link between trade and development is more effective and delivers for those with the greatest needs.

Following the hearings, Linda said: “Both Commission candidates displayed a high level of understanding of the challenges we face and a real passion for the work that will need to be done.”

Part of Linda’s role as the chair of the International Development Committee will involve both supporting and scrutinising the work of the candidates if and when they are successfully appointed to the next Commission.  

Linda with Commissioner-Designate Mimica at Monday's hearing.

Linda with Commissioner-Designate Stylianides at Tuesday's hearing.

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