‘Working together at EU level could be key to tackling heart disease in Yorkshire’ says Linda

08 November 2013

Linda McAvan, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber and Co-chair of the European Parliament’s Heart Group is celebrating the very first Cardiovascular Health Week in Brussels from 4th - 8th November.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for 52% of all deaths in women across Europe and 42% of the deaths in men, killing more people than all cancers combined.

Linda was the key note speaker at the event’s opening ceremony which was attended by representatives of the European Parliament, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Tonio Borg, the EU Commissioner for Health. 

Linda said; ‘Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Europe with staggeringly high mortality rates across the 28 member countries. If we work together and pool our resources to combat this problem, we stand to improve the lives of thousands of people here in Yorkshire.’

The week long program of events which has been organised by the Heart group, with the support of the WHO, the European Heart Network and the European Society of Cardiology, aims to raise awareness of the scale of the problem and discuss what needs to be done.

All week, free CPR training and cardiovascular screening was made available to MEPs, taking their blood pressure and cholesterol measurements giving technicians the ability to predict their 10-year risk of mortality from heart attack and stroke.

Linda added; ‘Showing MEPs how CVD could affect them in the future will certainly bring home how important it is to ensure that healthy hearts across Europe is a priority for the European Union.’

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