Linda supports funding for more sustainable fishing

23 October 2013

Labour MEPs continued their support for sustainable fishing today in their vote on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). The fund for 2014-2020 of around €6.5 billion is aimed at helping fishermen to comply with new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) requirements.

Linda and her Labour colleagues opposed subsidies for building new vessels, which would have taken us back in time and jeopardised the reform process. They were pleased that the European Parliament agreed and voted for investment in more fish, not new boats.

The Parliament also took a positive step calling for stronger measures and penalties to ensure that fishermen keep to the rules of the reformed CFP. Labour supported more funds for data collection, control and enforcement that will help ensure fishing is sustainable and stocks remain healthy into the future.

Linda said; “Although Labour would have liked to see a more ambitious outcome to rule out all measures that contribute to overfishing, the steps that the full Parliament has taken to delete the most harmful subsidies are a strong sign of its continued commitment to reformed rules for sustainable fishing.”

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