Linda backs new EU law to improve the safety of implants

23 October 2013

Labour MEPs have voted for tougher regulation of medical devices whilst the Tories have once again put their Euroscepticism before patient safety, despite the number of recent scandals.

Local Labour Euro MP Linda McAvan said:

"It is estimated that the PiP breast implant scandal affected 40,000 British women who were given the faulty implants containing industrial and not medical grade silicone. Many of these women simply did not know what type of implants they had because of the lack of a traceability system, causing stress and anxiety for thousands.

"This week is Breast Cancer Awareness Week, and we have to think of those women who survived breast cancer, only to be put through the ordeal of having potentially dangerous implants removed.

"That is why we are introducing a system using unique identification numbers, so every device can be traced and recalled if there is a fault.

"The metal-on-metal hip implant scandal shows that we need much more rigorous testing of medical devices before they are used on patients across Europe.

"Although many concerns have been raised over years about serious health problems caused by debris from metal-on-metal hip replacements, hundreds of thousands of patients have been implanted with them, and they still remain available on the market in some places.

Linda has contributed to Sir Bruce Keogh’s report to the UK government on the regulation of medical devices as well as cosmetic procedures. Linda also called for ban on the advertising of cosmetic procedures which often come with irresponsible financial incentives and a lack of medical information, however this failed to win enough support from MEPs.


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