'A scaling down of meat inspection rules is not good for the consumer' says Euro MP in wake of the horse meat scandal

10 October 2013

The EU took steps towards introducing visual only meat inspections today in what is thought to be largely a cost saving exercise at the request of the member states. Linda has responded to the outcome of the vote, saying; 'Faith in both meat hygiene and labelling is at an all time low following the Horse meat scandal. The last thing consumers need is to be worrying about the condition of the meat on their plates when sitting down for dinner.' The RSPCA has expressed disappointment with the decision, criticising the member states who have put economic considerations before animal welfare. Joe Moran, Senior EU Advisor to the RSPCA has said; This scaling down of meat inspections will make indentifying unhealthy animals much harder. We would prefer that all elements of meat safety and inspection are debated as a package in the upcoming revision of official controls legislation which will begin shortly. This isolated measure will not benefit the animal or the consumer.' The negotiation on official controls is due to start next week.

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