Tory MEPs defy their own government again, delaying key vote on biofuels

12 September 2013

Tory MEPs voted today to delay action on biofuels that would have been a key step towards sustainability and poverty reduction in some of the poorest countries in the world.
The planned measures, which have been vocally supported by campaign groups like Oxfam, Greenpeace, ActionAid and Friends of the Earth, would have placed a low cap on support for biofuels used directly from food crops.

Labour MEPs supported the measures to account for the full greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels in the coming years; however, Conservative MEPs once again went against their own government in seeking to water down these measures. They also swung a crucial deciding vote which may mean delays until after next year.

Linda is Labour's spokesperson on the environment in the European Parliament and expressed her concern at the developments.

"This vote has shown a lack of ambition and urgency over the damaging effects that many biofuels have, fuelling hunger, land grabs and climate change.

"Conservative MEPs have once again shown their true colours in blocking key environmental measures to reduced emissions at home and benefit people in the world's poorest countries. Not only that, they have ignored the voices of campaigners calling for strong limits on the use of food for fuel."

Linda met with local constituents representing action aid in Brussels, ahead of the vote last week.

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