Government denies Yorkshire chance to lead the way on Carbon Capture technology

12 November 2012

Linda is urgently calling on the government to decide what the future is for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects in this country, having just missed the key deadline to secure EU funding which could have come to Yorkshire.

Several CCS projects had been planned for our region with the EU making around a third of a billion euros available to a project in Yorkshire, providing the UK was able to decide how the money would be spent and financially committed to making the project happen.

A CCS project in our region was considered to be among the most promising by the European Commission, however failure by the UK government to identify in good time which projects it supports means that the funding will now most likely be awarded to Poland or the Netherlands.

Linda has said; ‘Despite the government's warm words about green technology and economic growth, they have missed this opportunity, either deliberately or as a result of their own confused policies, to give Yorkshire the chance to become a world leader on carbon capture and storage technology, which would bring jobs and investment to our region.’

The government has been aware of this funding from Europe and the deadlines for years, leaving all those involved confused as to how this could have been allowed to happen.

Linda went on to say; ‘Although the government has talked a big game on CCS, it would seem they have only undermined Yorkshire’s chances of making this a reality.’

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