Linda joins 150,000 people demanding fisheries policy reform

07 November 2012

Linda joined the World Wildlife Fund in Brussels today to present 150,000 signatures to the European Parliament. The petition was signed by citizens from across Europe demanding healthy oceans and sustainable fishing practices.

For the first time since the creation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in 1983, Members of the European Parliament have a real opportunity to correct 30 years of mismanagement through a newly applied co-decision procedure, which gives the European Parliament equal decision-making power with Ministers of national governments.

For decades, poor decisions by Fisheries Ministers have sent Europe’s fish stocks and fishing industry into decline. Presently two out of three fish stocks in the EU are  overfished, and if nothing changes figures show this will rise to 9 out of 10 by 2022. Jobs as well as income and profits are suffering the consequences.

Linda said; ‘European Seas are amongst the most overfished in the world.  70 % of our stocks are overexploited and many of those are at risk of collapse.  We cannot let  our citizens down.    MEPs and national Fisheries alike must assume their responsibility.  They must listen to people’s concerns and work with the fishing industry to overhaul the current situation and adopt a sustainable approach to fishing before we allow our seas to be fished until there is nothing left.’

Roberto Ferrigno, Common Fisheries Policy Project Coordinator at the WWF European Policy Office said; ‘This 150,000 strong petition shows how much people want to see a change in fisheries management in the EU. Fisheries Ministers have failed to deliver and it’s now up to the European Parliament to make it happen.’

Ferrigno argues that fierce lobbying from industrial fishing has resulted in Fisheries Ministers having watered down EU fisheries policy reform proposals. Linda, along with fellow Labour MEPS, is determined to bring about real change in the Fisheries policy and prevent the overfishing of our seas for short term financial gains.

If managed sustainably, fisheries can recover and generate higher profits and  more and better jobs for the future.


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