Linda welcomes new Northern Ireland carbon monoxide alarm law

31 October 2012

Linda has welcomed the news today that carbon monoxide alarms will be a legal requirement in all new homes in Northern Ireland.

Linda has long campaigned on carbon monoxide (CO) safety, including campaigns to harmonise manufacturing standards of CO alarms in the EU to ensure no faulty detectors enter the EU market, to create common minimum standards on hotel safety in Europe so that holiday makers from the UK are not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, whilst abroad in Europe and to improve the safety warnings on BBQs which have recently caused a number of accidental deaths in the UK.

Linda has said; ‘I am pleased that the government of Northern Ireland has recognised the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and introduced this new law. Carbon monoxide has no colour, odour or taste and it is impossible to detect without an alarm. This new law will save lives and we need to take this opportunity to ensure the current UK legislation is as comprehensive as possible.’

Statistics released this week indicate that half of the UK population believe their smoke alarm will alert them to carbon monoxide fumes, which is not the case. The study also revealed that only 39% of people have a carbon monoxide alarm and very few were aware of the long-term health risks posed by carbon monoxide poisoning such as heart problems and brain damage.

The new legislation also requires an alarm be fitted whenever a boiler or solid fuel stove is upgraded or replaced.

Linda said; ‘Carbon monoxide has been the result of too many accidental deaths in Yorkshire alone. This legislation goes further to protect families from fumes that cannot be detected without an alarm, especially as carbon monoxide poisoning is so difficult to diagnose as symptoms are similar to flu or food poisoning.’

‘Carbon monoxide awareness week is coming up from 19th-25th November and I would encourage everyone to purchase an alarm that could be fitted in seconds, and would help to keep you and your family safe.’ Linda said.

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