EU Commission fails to act on animal welfare

16 November 2011

The European Commission has failed to hear the concerns of thousands of campaigners for animal welfare by refusing to come forward with new rules on the transport of live animals.

That's the message from Labour MEPs on the day that a long awaited review of EU legislation concluded that changes will not be proposed to the EU regulation covering the transport of live animals.

Campaigners had been calling for the Commission to propose changes that would put an end to the suffering of animals caused by very long journeys across Europe by limiting journeys for fattening or slaughter to eight hours.

However, the European Commission review has concluded that while more needs to be done to enforce existing rules, new legislation will not be brought forward.

Yorkshire & Humber MEP, Linda McAvan, said: "I received a lot of correspondence from people in our region on this issue and it something a lot of people feel very strongly about. It is disappointing that the European Commission has not listened to their concerns and proposed plans to impose an eight hour limit on the transport of live animals.

"It is clearly preferable for animals to be slaughtered near where they are reared rather than forcing them to endure many hours under stressful conditions in a lorry.

"The Commission is right to say that more should be done to enforce existing rules, but they should also be proposing an end to the suffering caused by these incredibly long journeys."

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