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Press Statement from Linda on the postponement of the Tobacco Products Directive vote

05 September 2013

“The decision today by the European Parliament’s EPP, ALDE, ECR and EFD political groups to delay the vote on the Tobacco Products Directive is a great shame. The vote on the Directive was scheduled to take place in Strasbourg next week but will now take place on 8th October.

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Linda battles to keep Tobacco vote on schedule

04 September 2013

The Socialists and Democrats group for which Linda leads on Tobacco, called today on all political groups in the European Parliament to respect the schedule for the plenary session next week and vote on the new Tobacco Directive, as initially planned.

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Alan Sugar was right to call for increased regulation of cosmetic procedures

18 July 2013

I was pleased to hear that Alan Sugar called for increased regulation of the cosmetic procedures sector on his show ‘The Apprentice’ last night, following his decision to invest in the winning candidate’s proposal to open clinics offering cosmetic procedures, delivered solely by trained doctors and nurses.

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Finley wins 'guess the bear' for Oxfam

12 July 2013

5 year-old Finley James called into the office today to collect his bear 'Bruno' after selecting the winning name in Linda's South Yorkshire festival competition to guess the name of the bear. The competition was to raise money for Linda's chosen charity for 2013, Oxfam.

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South Yorkshire festival a big success

09 July 2013

Families from across the region and beyond flocked to Wortley Hall this weekend to make the most of the sunshine and the entertainment on offer at the South Yorkshire festival.

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Linda discusses flooding, bees and CAP reform with local York farmers

01 July 2013

Linda visited farmers in York this week to discuss the impact of flooding, a decline in bee numbers and their hopes for a reformed common agricultural policy. Linda met with representatives from the National Farmers Union as well as local farmers at Manor Farm in Kelfield, just outside York.

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