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Linda backs new EU law to improve the safety of implants

23 October 2013

Labour MEPs have voted for tougher regulation of medical devices whilst the Tories have once again put their Euroscepticism before patient safety, despite the number of recent scandals.

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'A scaling down of meat inspection rules is not good for the consumer' says Euro MP in wake of the horse meat scandal

10 October 2013

The EU took steps towards introducing visual only meat inspections today in what is thought to be largely a cost saving exercise at the request of the member states. Linda has responded to the outcome of the vote, saying; 'Faith in both meat hygiene and labelling is at an all time low following the Horse meat scandal.

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Labour MEP says; 'We must put a stop to 570 new child smokers every day' as European Parliament votes to end gimmick tobacco products

08 October 2013

The European Parliament’s has voted today in favour of a raft of proposals aimed at reducing the number of young smokers recruited by the tobacco industry each year. Linda is leading for the European Parliament on the new proposals and was relieved at the outcome of the vote, but was disappointed that Tory MEPs ignored their own Government's advice, making a big difference in some key votes.

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Linda's Booklet on the EU

01 October 2013

Linda has compiled a booklet with facts, figures and quotes about the EU to ensure that those who are interested can make informed decisions about the EU.

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Linda welcomes Secretary of State support for Tobacco laws

27 September 2013

Linda, who is leading for the European Parliament on the Tobacco Products Directive, has welcomed a letter from Secretary of state for Health Jeremy Hunt which asks all MEPs to support the Tobacco Products Directive. The Directive will be voted on in Parliament on 8th October.

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Tory MEPs defy their own government again, delaying key vote on biofuels

12 September 2013

Tory MEPs voted today to delay action on biofuels that would have been a key step towards sustainability and poverty reduction in some of the poorest countries in the world. The planned measures, which have been vocally supported by campaign groups like Oxfam, Greenpeace, ActionAid and Friends of the Earth, would have placed a low cap on support for biofuels used directly from food crops.

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