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Linda and Yorkshire Fire and Rescue launch carbon monoxide awareness campaign

07 December 2012

Linda enlisted the help of local emergency services today to launch a campaign which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning this Christmas. This issue is set to be in the news as Coronation Street will be tackling the dangers over the festive period in a dramatic storyline. Popular character Fiz Brown will fall into a coma having become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Linda welcomes EU "shark finning" ban

22 November 2012

Linda has welcomed the outcome of a vote today in Strasbourg which bans EU fishing vessels cutting off sharks' fins on board. Shark 'finning' is the practice of cutting off a shark's fins while discarding the rest of the carcass back into the sea. As a consequence, tens of thousands of mutilated sharks die slowly and painfully. Sharks have a low reproduction rate and grow slowly, so population recovery is also slow, making them particularly vulnerable to unregulated intensive fishing. Sharks' fins are then exported to Asia to meet the demand for shark's fin soup, an East Asian dish traditionally served at weddings and New Year celebrations.

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Government denies Yorkshire chance to lead the way on Carbon Capture technology

12 November 2012

Linda is urgently calling on the government to decide what the future is for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects in this country, having just missed the key deadline to secure EU funding which could have come to Yorkshire.

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Linda joins 150,000 people demanding fisheries policy reform

07 November 2012

Linda joined the World Wildlife Fund in Brussels today to present 150,000 signatures to the European Parliament. The petition was signed by citizens from across Europe demanding healthy oceans and sustainable fishing practices. For the first time since the creation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in 1983, Members of the European Parliament have a real opportunity to correct 30 years of mismanagement through a newly applied co-decision procedure, which gives the European Parliament equal decision-making power with Ministers of national governments.

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Linda welcomes new Northern Ireland carbon monoxide alarm law

31 October 2012

Linda has welcomed the news today that carbon monoxide alarms will be a legal requirement in all new homes in Northern Ireland. Linda has long campaigned on carbon monoxide (CO) safety, including campaigns to harmonise manufacturing standards of CO alarms in the EU to ensure no faulty detectors enter the EU market, to create common minimum standards on hotel safety in Europe so that holiday makers from the UK are not at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, whilst abroad in Europe and to improve the safety warnings on BBQs which have recently caused a number of accidental deaths in the UK.

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Linda supports the fight against breast cancer

25 October 2012

Linda is backing the fight against breast cancer by taking part in Breast Cancer Campaign’s award winning fundraiser, ‘wear it pink day ‘ – and she wants everyone to join her in the campaign.

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