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Linda backs increase in wind energy

14 November 2011

With vast offshore wind farms set to be built off the Yorkshire coast, Labour MEP Linda McAvan has been making the case more green energy in our region.

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Labour MEP marks World Heart Day

29 September 2011

On the 29th September, to mark World Heart Day, Yorkshire & the Humber Labour MEP, Linda McAvan has vowed to take the battle against heart disease and stroke into the European Parliament. Cardiovascular diseases are still the biggest cause of death in Yorkshire and the Humber and Linda is campaigning to ensure the European Parliament does all it can do reduce the causes of heart disease.

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Fishing policy reform good news for Yorkshire’s fishermen

13 July 2011

Labour’s Euro MP for Yorkshire & the Humber, Linda McAvan, has welcomed the prospect of wide-ranging reform to the Common Fishing Policies, in particular the proposed ban on dead fish being thrown back into the sea. The European Commissioner for fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has today announced plans to reform the European Union’s fishing policy which, along with the ban on discards, will include a more localised approach to fishing quotas.

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MEP urges more government action on card fees

29 June 2011

The government should act under EU law to outlaw all unfair credit and debit card charges not just those applied to debit cards.

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MEP urges support for carbon capture and storage

15 June 2011

Labour Euro MP Linda McAvan is hoping that Yorkshire & the Humber can become a world leader in green technologies thanks to the region’s planned carbon capture and storage programmes.

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Euro MP calls for action against directory scams

10 March 2011

Labour Euro MP Linda McAvan has warned businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber to still be on their guard against directory scams, after the European Parliament called for a change in EU law to end the legal loop hole that allows the scams to operate.

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