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Linda is the Labour Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.  If you have a problem with an issue relating to EU law, Linda and her staff can offer advice and may be able to help.

What Can Linda Help With?

Linda can offer advice on any issue that relates to EU law. Broadly, these fall under the following areas:

What Linda can help with
  • Consumer protection;
  • EU citizenship rights (including freedom of movement and legal rights);
  • Employment and trade issues relating to the European Single Market;
  • Environmental protection.

What Linda Cannot Help With

Many areas do not fall under EU law and are solely determined by national governments. Linda cannot help with issues that fall entirely under the UK government, such as education, the health service, social services and criminal and (the majority of) employment law. Instead, if you have a problem in these areas you should contact your local MP who is best placed to help you. You can identify your local MP at the following website: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ A number of other policy areas fall under the remit of local councils, such as housing, school places, and planning decisions. In such instances, you should contact your local councillor.

Linda is generally unable to help with issues that constituents face in other EU countries that do not relate to EU law. In particular, those with homes abroad should be aware that the vast majority of laws relating to property are set exclusively by national governments and MEPs are often extremely limited in the help they can offer in this area when problems arise.

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