As the founder and chair of the European Parliament's working group on Fairtrade, Linda is proud to represent Yorkshire, the UK's first Fairtrade region, boasting 40 cities, towns and villages with Fairtrade campaigns. 

This role combined with her proven track record of driving through public health and climate action progress make her ideally suited to her role as the chair of the European Parliament's International Development Committee for the current Parliamentary term. 

By purchasing Fairtrade products we can not only enjoy great quality food, drink, textiles and other goods but also contribute to the fight against global poverty and trade injustice. The Fairtrade label is a guarantee that the producer has received a fair deal both in terms of the price and the terms of trade.

The primary function of the working group is to engage producers, NGOs and retailers with MEPs and the European Commission to ensure that Fairtrade continues to lift the world’s poorest producers out of poverty.

The European Parliament’s Fairtrade progress includes;

  • Agreement that Fairtrade tea and coffee are automatically served in the Parliament building.
  • Adoption of the Resolution on Fairtrade and Development, committing the Commission to delivering a coherent Fairtrade policy.
  • Changing procurement laws so that public bodies can specify  Fairtrade produce in their tenders.
  • Organising regular events and debates in Parliament to engage  farmers, NGOs, retailers and politicians to agree what else can be done.


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